About me
Welcome to www.persianitaly.com, my personal website; My name is Farnaz Rezaei. I'm an Iranian lady with Italian Citizenship. An Architectural Engineer, researcher and translator (Court Technical Expert).
What I do & what I can do for You
My permanence in Italy made me work on varoius projects:

- Research & Innovative activities; Green Technologies for Buildings and Business Consulting
During these years, I worked as researcher in department of Building Environment Science & Technology,  of Polytechnic of Milano who focuses its activity on technological research and science as applied to the built environment. Within the construction industry the Department develops projects on different scales; architectural works characterised by eco-friendly systems and components; and infra-structural works executed on the territory in the form of new buildings and interventions on already existing facilities.


It applies land, air, and satellite survey-monitoring technology, a basic tool to get to know the territory and its buildings.
- My research is focused on NATURAL VENTILATION; Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Passive Cooling Systems of buildings which makes me collaborate with various research institutes in different countries.
- My workshop experiences are in Earth & Straw Bale Construction: Some different & totally hands-on experineces such as Pisè, Adobe and Bale building, Baling, wiring, plumbing, and plastering on real homes...no 'mock-up' walls there!

- Interior Designer / Decorator
As a freelancer, I assist the clients in requalification of their properties and collaborate with some counstraction companies in design of the flats, offices and so on.


- Interpretation, Translation and Immigration services
I assist foreigner families in immigration to Italy, found their activities in Italy.

As a translator, I worked for a lot of companies and individuals in various field of Italian industries. From petrolchimical valve producers, lifting and construction companies to transportation agencies, shipping companies and others, who all, work with Iran and know the Iranian Market.

- Logistics, Supply Chain and commercial experience.
I have also more than 6 years fulltime experience as Job-Coordinator and middle-manager of commercial dept (middle-east section), logistic and supplychain dept of two Italian Companies.


Now as a self-employer I can offer you the same assistance. You can use my collaborators and talk directly to our professional partners or ask for your Italian business partners for your company.

All credible and integral business partners are invited to do business with Italy.
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